m7for baritone and piano

I Thin Place
II Dung Heap
III Death Jumps Around Me

As I have said before, I usually do not read poetry, but these three poems were written by a friend of mine, so I read them and really liked them. They spoke to me because the friend was a monk in a monastery similar to mine. Some of the themes might sound morbid, but they really aren't they are just realistic. I asked him if I could set them to music, so here they are. The friend is no longer a monk: he is married and living in the United Kingdom. Things change. I do thank him for the bicycle trip across Wisconsin we took together while he was still a monk, and for the poems.

I also thank John Webber for typesetting all my manuscripts and making them available to the public. Thanks also to Caroline Webber for allowing me to give John so much work.

Br. Abraham Newsom
St. Gregory's Abbey
Three Rivers, Michigan

Abraham Newsom The Week in Review


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