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I: Adagio Allegro
II: Andante
III Allegro molto

This symphony is an homage to the music that I have played or listened to and that goes through mybrain so much. The first movement is a mix of Schubert's Unfinished Symphony and DannyElfman's Batman score. The third movement is an homage to Dvorak's New World Symphony. Iadd my own twists: the first and third movements are long and repetitive, but I like long andrepetitive things - it reflects my monastic bent - and although both of these movements are looselybased on sonata style (a couple of themes stated, then developed, then restated), the secondarytheme in the first movement is in the relative major of the primary theme (rather than the usualdominant) and the third movement really has only one theme, and I tend to use repetition as adevelopment device in both movements. The lightness, beauty, and playfulness of the firstmovement's secondary theme surprises me; I am much more prone to writing somber or pretentious music.

The middle movement is more of a gauzy nothingness in between the beginning and ending, sort oflike a sleepy dance (taking the place of a minuet in a strictly classical symphony). There are somevery beautiful moments in this middle movement, and I like it as a stand alone piece, as well as anintegral part of this symphony.

Many thanks to John Webber for suggesting changes that make a better experience for the listener (Itend to write insular music only for my enjoyment, and he has suggested many things in all myworks to make them more interesting to the world outside my head). Many thanks also to CarolineWebber for allowing me to give so much work to John.

Br. Abraham Newsom
St. Gregory's Abbey
Three Rivers, Michigan

Abraham Newsom Symphony in G minor


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