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I: Andante, Vivace
II: Allegro, Presto

The main theme holding this symphony together is simply a three-note motif of e flat, f, g answered by another three-note motif of c, d, e flat. In the first movement, that theme is often hidden or simply used as a glue binding the other themes together, but it is always there. In the second movement, it is more prominent.

Theoretically, the themes are developed and then recapitulated within each movement, but as is so often with my music, repetition takes over and replaces development. The slow brooding introduction to the first movement is hopefully a good foil to the fast final movement, making the whole thing an enjoyable listening experience (at least I like it).

As always, many thanks to John Webber for typesetting, printing, and making it available online, as well as many suggestions for altering things. Many thanks as well to Caroline Webber for putting up with all the work I make John do.


Br. Abraham Newsom
St. Gregory's Abbey
Three Rivers. Michigan

Abraham Newsom Symphony in C minor


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