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Composer's Notes

Yes, I got the title of this composition from a Moody Blues song (a small tribute to them), but these psalms are sung here at the monastery at vespers on Tuesday, so it all fit together. This piece begins with a plea for help ("out of the depths I call to you, God...") and ends in a song of joy for the others in our life ("how good and how pleasant it is when people live in unity..."). That is the order we sing them at Tuesday vespers (with two other psalms in between), and it is a fitting order for a monastic choir: we need God's help always, and the way it is usually supplied is through the people around us.

As with all my compositions, Tuesday Afternoon is repetitive and meditative. That is the way I think: very slowly as things spiral around in my head and heart. Eventually I get the answers I need, and the answers are always the same: "It is not about me, it is all about God".

Many thanks to John Webber for all the work he has done bringing my music to life. The manuscripts sat for a decade on a shelf in the monastery, and he has spent a lot of time and energy typesetting them and making them available in print and electronically.

Br. Abraham Newsom
St. Gregory's Abbey
Three Rivers, Michigan

Abraham Newsom Tuesday Afternoon


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