m7for baritone and string quartet

Composer's Notes

It might seem odd to have a male voice singing words from women. The reason I voiced it that way is because these words are my interpretation of scriptures read on various days in the monastery usually in honor of Mary Magdalene and Mary the Virgin. Hearing these words read in the dark church at 4:00am, I have, over the years, identified myself with the characters (which is probably the intended effect), so I have a male voice singing the parts.

Of all my compositions, this one is most reflective of my own thoughts and feelings: "Why would God want me? Where is God? I have nothing, but take all of me anyway."

As with all of my music, The Kiss is intentionally repetitive, slow moving, and meditative. It starts from a haze of inactivity and ends in a haze of inactivity, bubbling out of and back into nothingness, like the universe from the quantum foam.

pxKlimtDerKussAnd, yes, I stole the title from the painting by Gustav Klimt. I really like his stuff.

Many thanks to John Webber for all the work he has done bringing my music to life. The manuscripts sat for a decade on a shelf in the monastery, and he has spent a lot of time and energy typesetting them and making them available in print and electronically.

Br. Abraham Newsom

Abraham Newsom The Kiss


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