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    197902Quartetfor flute viola cello and bassoonWebber J
    198001Snow White and the Three Pigschildrens operaWebber J
    198002Elegiefor cello and stringsFaure G arr Webber
    198003Cello Concertofor cello and stringsHaydn FJ arr Webber
    198004Praeludium and Allegrofor violn and stringsKreisler F arr Webber
    198006Cello Concertofor cello and stringsSaint-Saens C arr Webber
    198007Cello Concertofor cello and stringsSchumann R arr Webber
    198008Meditation from Thaisfor violin and stringsMassenet J arr Webber
    198111Nativity (The)church operaWebber J
    198309Ptolomys Journalfor small orchestraWebber J
    198402quintet quintet for clarinet string quartetWebber J
    198502Apokalypsis Ioannisfor chorus a cappellaWebber J
    198504Pelucidfor solo violinWebber J
    198505Three Owl Songsfor Soprano and pianoWebber J
    198607Sonataduo for horn pianoWebber J
    198705Sonataduo for flute pianoWebber J
    198805Sonataduo for cello pianoWebber J
    198906Quartetquartet for flute violin viola celloWebber J
    199613Two Tuptetsfor variable instrumentation ensembleWebber J
    199803Cello Suitesfor solo celloWebber J
    199805TriptychTrio for clarinet trumpet pianoWebber J
    199902Partitafor solo violinWebber J
    199907Crazy Janefor soprano and two orchestrasWebber J
    200005Partitafor solo fluteWebber J
    200007Partitafor solo clarinetWebber J
    200011Four Canonical Songsfor sop alto bari pianoWebber J
    200102Six Silly Songsfor satb and pianoWebber J
    200107Partitafor solo bassoonWebber J
    200203Albeniz Suitefor small orchestraAlbeniz arr Webber
    200204Bach Inventionfor small orchestraJS Bach arr Webber
    200208Two Arabesquesfor small orchestraDebussy C arr Webber
    200210Woodland Sketchesfor small orchestraMacDowell E arr Webber
    200211Ah vous dirai je Mamanfor small orchestraMozart WA arr Webber
    200213Academic Festival Overturequintet for piano and string quartetBrahms J arr Webber
    200214Capriccio Italienquintet for piano and string quartetTchaikovsky PI arr Webber
    200215Romeo and Julietquintet for piano and string quartetTchaikovsky PI arr Webber
    200404Nutcracker The Four Movementsfor string orchestraTchaikovsky PI arr Webber
    200417Wedding Day at Troldhaugenfor small orchestraGrieg E arr Webber
    200418Suite Bergamasquefor small orchestraDebussy C arr Webber
    200422Peer Gynt Six Movementsfor small orchestraGrieg E arr Webber
    200501Blue Danube (The)for small orchestraStrauss J arr Webber
    200503Three Percussion Quartetsquartet for timp mallets agogo bells congas tamtamWebber J
    200504Three Songsfor satb chorus pianoWebber J
    200505Three RL Stevenson Songsfor satb chorus pianoWebber J
    200507Minstrel Boyoverture for orchestra Webber J
    200509Violin Sonatafor violin and piano Webber J
    200510Seven Canons and a Fuguefor strings Webber J
    200512Four Slavonic Dancesfor small orchestraDvorak A arr Webber
    200513Ludicrous Canonicus no 1for wind quartetWebber J
    200515Violin Sonatafor violin pianoWebber J
    200520Fifteen Folksongsfor four instrumentsWebber J
    200521Five Folksong Fantasiestriofbor flute violin celloWebber J
    200603Five Unruliesfor solo pianoWebber J
    200604String quintet no 2quintet for 2 violins 2 violas celloWebber J
    200616String Quartet no 4for 2vl va vcWebber J
    200617Three Ent Dancesfor tuba ensembleWebber J
    200701Tempest (The)Opera after William ShakespeareWebber J
    200703Canticlesfor chorus and orchestraWebber J
    200704Violin Sonatafor violin pianoWebber J
    200804Symphony no 4for piano and stringsWebber J
    200905Symphony no 1 (12)for orchestraWebber J
    200906Xanadufor orchestraWebber J
    200912Saraswatifor orchestraWebber J
    201001All Bears Can Dancefor orchestraWebber J
    201002Little Suitefor small orchestraWebber J
    201003Four Songsfor high voicesWebber J
    201004Partitafor solo double bassWebber J
    201008Life of Benedictfor orchestraWebber J
    201009Cello Concertofor cello small orchestraWebber J
    201011Song of the Sannyasinfor small orchestraWebber J
    201101String Quartet no 5fot 2vl va vcWebber J
    201102Eleven Dittiesfor pianoWebber J
    201201Ecumenical Requiemfor chorus soli and orchestraWebber J
    201205Bridal Suitefor orchestraWebber J
    201304Symphony no 2for small orchestraWebber J
    201307Two Short Piano Suitesfor solo pianoWebber J
    201401Fugal Preludesfor pianoWebber J
    201404Symphony no 6for orchestraWebber J
    201502Ten Miniaturesfor pianoWebber J
    201503Children's Songs of Costa Ricafor childrens voices and orchestraWebber J
    201504Koinoniafor chorus and orchestraWebber J
    201505Short Communionfor chorus and pianoWebber J
    201506Viola Concertofor viola and orchestraWebber J
    201602Impromptusfor pianoWebber J
    201603Symphony no 7for orchestraWebber J
    201606Symphony no 8for orchestraWebber J
    201607Dani Suitefor pianoWebber J
    201701Violin Concertofor violin and orchestraWebber J
    201702Inventionsfor pianoWebber J
    201704Wittgensteins Funeralvariations for orchestraWebber J
    201706Upside the MusicalMichael Cantor MusicalWebber J
    201708London GentlemenGehl-Webber musicalGehl Webber opera
    201709Three Short Overturefor orchestraWebber J
    201801Marilyn in PiecesGehl-Webber musicalGehl Webber opera
    201804Hung Jury Dancefor orchestraWebber J
    201806Cello Sonatafor cello and pianoWebber J
    201901Viola Sonatafor viola and pianoWebber J
    201902Four Facesfor orchestraWebber J
    201904Send Me A VisionGehl-Webber musicalGehl Webber opera
    201905Metamorphosisfor orchestraWebber J
    201908Contrapuntalsfor pianoWebber J
    201909Jackie Marilyn Bobby & JackGehl-Webber musicalGehl Webber opera
    202001Symphony no 9for orchestraWebber J
    202002Yeats Songsfor tenor/baritone and orchestraWebber J
    202007Piano Concertofor piano and small orchestraWebber J
    202011Clarinet Sonatafor clarinet and pianoWebber J
    202012Piano Sonatafor pianoWebber J
    202013Obe-EH Sonatafor oboe dbl EH and pianoWebber J
    202014Trumpet Sonatafor trumpet and pianoWebber J
    202015Bassoon Sonatafor bassoon and pianoWebber J
    202101Symphony no 10for orchestraWebber J
    202102Aspidistra Islandfor orchestraWebber J
    202103E Tenbrisfor orchestraWebber J
    202104Triple Concertinofor flute viola harp and stringsWebber J
    202105R Strauss Streicherfor orchestraWebber J
    202106Ten Shakespeare Sonnetsfor voice and pianoWebber J
    202107Piano quintet for piano and string quartetWebber J
    202108Flute Concertofor flute and small orchestraWebber J
    300001Hymns and Anthems (I)for voices and pianoConstable D
    300002Five Songs of Presencefor high voice and piano or orchestraConstable D
    300003Violin Concerto no 1for violin and orchestraWilhoit F
    300004Missa Brevisfor chorus and orchestraNewsom A
    300005Trio in E MajorTrio for clarinet violin pianoWilhoit F
    300007Sonataduo for tuba and pianoWilhoit F
    300008Rumifor chorus and orchestraNewsom A
    300009Variations and Fugeor string quartetWilhoit F
    300011Symphony of psalms (Afor chorus and orchestraNewsom A
    300014Kiss (The)for baritone string quartetNewsom A
    300015Tuesday Afternoonfor chorus octetNewsom A
    300017Symphony in C minorfor orchestraNewsom A
    300020Symphony in G minorfor orchestraNewsom A
    300021Autumnfor voice and pianoConstable D
    300022Nunc Dimittisfor voice and organ or satb and organConstable D
    300023Visible Dreamfor baritone voice and pianoNewsom A
    300024Week in Review (Th)for baritone voice and pianoNewsom A
    300025Hours (The)for tenor baritone and bass voicesNewsom A
    300027Symphony no 4for orchestraWilhoit F
    300028Fugal Overturefor orchestraWilhoit F
    300029Symphony no 5for orchestraWilhoit F
    300030Variations on a Theme of Thomas Campionfor orchestraWilhoit F
    300031Yet Another BLake Songfor satb a cappellaWilhoit F
    300032Symphony no 6for orchestraWilhoit F
    300033Five Shalespeare Songsfor high voice and pianoWilhoit F
    300034Flute Concertofor flute and orchestraWilhoit F
    300036Variations on a Theme by Dame Ethel Smythfor orchestraWilhoit F
    300037Symphony no 1for orchestraWilhoit F
    300040Horn Concertofor horn and orchestraWilhoit F
    300041The Doorfor orchestraWilhoit F
    300042Trio in Afor violin cello and pianoWilhoit F
    300043Violin Concerto no 2for violin and orchestraWilhoit F
    300044Bassoon quintet for 4 bassons and contra bassoon FWilhoit F
    300045String Quartet no 3for 2 violins viola celloWilhoit F
    300046Serenade for windsfor 2 fl 2 0b 2 cl 2 hn 2 bsWilhoit F

Robert Schumann arr Webber - Symphony no 4

for piano and strings

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    Robert Schumann arr Webber
    Symphony no 4
    for piano and strings

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  • Robert Schumann
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    Robert Schumann (German: 8 June 1810 – 29 July 1856) was a German composer and influential music critic. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. Schumann left the study of law, intending to pursue a career as a virtuoso pianist. He had been assured by his teacher Friedrich Wieck, a German pianist, that he could become the finest pianist in Europe, but a hand injury ended this dream. Schumann then focused his musical energies on composing.

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