John Gehl


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John Gehl has a Bachelor of Arts degree (English and philosophy) from the University of Toronto and a Master of Science degree (information and computer science) from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Originally from New York, he has also lived in Toronto, San Francisco, and Atlanta. His plays have been produced by Atlanta theater companies and opera for which he wrote the libretto is being produced in Oakland by San Francisco’s Goat Hall Productions.

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John Gehl and John Webber have collaborated on several stage works including London Gentlemen, Wittgenstein, Marilyn in Distress, Hung Jury, and Twelve Sopranos

John Webber


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After serving in the Royal Marines Band Service for ten years Dr. Webber (born 1949) spent a year as an undergraduate student in Cologne, Germany and then another five years engaged in graduate work in the United States.

Since then he has composed conducted and taught in Britain, Germany and the U.S. He has founded and directed several orchestras and his music has been heard on radio and television both in Europe and the U.S. He is published by Arsis Press, Anglo-American Music Publishers and his own Webber Music

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